Your information is important to us and we will never release it to any third party.  We will store your data securely.  We will only ask for information that is relevant to your order.  You can ask us to remove your data from our files at any time (following completion of your order and receipt of payment in full for any services we have been asked to undertake by you).  Please contact us if you require any further information about how we store your data.

In order to process your order we will need to keep a record of: a valid email address, a current member of staff with whom we can liaise and a note of our transaction history.  If you need to discuss this at any time then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards, the Team at Verdigris Cosmetic Solutions Ltd


It is important that you read our Terms and Conditions carefully.  We will ask you to confirm that you are happy to abide by them before we start work on your documentation.

1.  We always agree a quote (in writing) with you prior to starting any work.  

2.  We will always agree any additions (in writing) to the sum agreed with you, prior to adding them to the final Invoice.

3.  In order to give you an accurate quote, we need to see an entire, completed formula(s) with the weights of each ingredient in grams.

4.  If your product is a soap (liquid or solid) we require your figures to be for the product after saponification, not before.

5.  You must let us know if you think you will be making any changes or additions to the formula(s) after we have started working on it        (them).  Additional charges could be made for making adjustments to the final formula.

6.  Once we have agreed to begin work on your CPSR(s) we need to be sent all the relevant supplier's documentation for your ingredients, as follows:

  - for all basic ingredients we need an MSDS/SDS, a CoA and a TDS (Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet/Safety Data Sheet, Certificate of Analysis and Technical Data Sheet)

  - for all fragrances and essentials oils we need all the above PLUS an IFRA Certificate and an Allergen Declaration.

7.  We will not begin work on your formulas until we have all the above documentation.

8.  If any of your formulas (excluding Soaps) contain water then it is likely we will ask you to source a Preservative Efficacy/Challenge Test so that we can include the results in your CPSR.

9.  We will need you to sign a statement on the Stability of your product and would recommend that you have adhered to either the 12 month or 12 week (forced) testing guidelines - please ask us to explain if you are uncertain about this.

10.  In addition to your formula we also need the following information:  the estimated (e) weight of your product, its colour and the packaging you are marketing it in (including any tops, pumps, etc).

11. If you ask us to complete a CPSR for you we will not be supplying labelling information, INCI lists, artwork checks, SCPN (Submit Cosmetic Product Notification) service registration or assistance, or any other service than a CPSR.

12. We reserve the right to charge you for the CPSR prior to starting work however, normally, we send our Invoices via email at the same time as the CPSR is send to you.  Invoice totals are in £ (pounds) Sterling and we reserve the right to add a small charge for non-Sterling transactions. 

13. All accounts are to be settled in full within 7 days from Invoice. 

14. Failure to settle an Invoice within the allotted time could result in a further Invoice being issued - with a late payment fee added.