The great thing about a PIF is that, as well as keeping you in line with EU Regulation 1223/2009,  it demonstrates to your customers that you're a professional cosmetics manufacturer and your products can be trusted and used with confidence.  It shows you've understood every part of the manufacturing process and that your products are made in a clean and hygienic environment.  Another key thing is that you won't be making any wild or inaccurate claims about a product, a point that could cause you problems if a customer challenged you on them.

  1. A Product Information File or PIF is a file that stores all the information that’s pertinent to the manufacture of your product.

  2. Each product must have its own information file.

  3. The format you choose to keep your PIF in is up to you. It can be handwritten, stored as data in a digital format or compiled on a PC and printed out and kept in a ring binder. The important thing is that it’s the complete record of the manufacture of the product.

  4. The PIF must be stored by the Responsible Person for the product at an EU location and for 10 years after the last batch of the product has been manufactured.

Before we can put your Product Information File together we'll need some documentation from you :

The Product Description

Typically this would stem from the name you have given your product e.g. Nourishing Peppermint Lip Balm

The Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)


The CPSR must be signed off by a suitably Qualified Person and it will contain two parts :

Part A – Safety Information
Part B – the Safety Assessment


Details of methods of manufacture, in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) 

This is a step by step guide on the processes you used to manufacture the product.  It is a little like a food recipe in as much as you need to made notes on the amounts of each ingredient you used and what order you added them in. 
You also need to record the conditions you manufactured the product in, showing that you have complied with GMP.  

*Please note – there will be a form to sign regarding the GMP status of your product - we will need this back to attach to the PIF. 

Proof of any claims made about the product  (e.g. that it banishes dark circles under the eyes) 

If you are making any claims about the efficacy of your product, this is where you need to record the outcome of the testing to prove it - e.g. how many people took part in the trial and the findings.

Proof of no animal testing 

The testing of cosmetic products on animals was banned in the EU in 2009.  However, you still need to have records from your suppliers, showing that none of the products you have used have been tested on them.

*Please note – there will be a form to sign regarding the animal testing status of your product. We will need this back to attach to the PIF. 

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