• Fran Bullen


25th July 2019

Now that we know who our Prime Minister is, for the moment at least, we can make a few assumptions as to how Boris Johnson will approach Brexit. He's not waivered at all about the 31st October 2019 being exit day and he's been adamant that it will be on a No Deal basis if the EU won't renegotiate terms. A No Deal for the cosmetics sector means that UK law will replace EU law immediately and all documentation will have to follow suit. However, nothing is certain yet. There has been talk of a snap Election before the end of October, as this might give the Conservatives a bigger majority in Parliament; which they badly need if they are to push unpopular legislation through. In the event of a snap Election, the possibility of a second Referendum announcement being made has also been discussed, as this could boost the Conservatives popularity and settle the In/Out debate for good.

Next week we'll start to report on the Legislation being prepared for either eventuality - a Deal or a No Deal.

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