• Fran Bullen

STAYING AFLOAT DURING THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK - tips for those of you sending parcels to customers

What do you need to know when sending parcels to customers during this difficult time?

Here's some info to share with your customers if they're worried about receiving packages or parcels in the post:

The current Lockdown situation in the UK has had a massive impact on all sorts of areas of our lives. But one of the most reported, after stories about Covid-19 itself, has been the effect on business and retail. Supermarkets are finding it hard to keep up with demand, well known High Street chains are collapsing and online sales are booming! But how do you send packages safely and in a way that inspires consumer confidence at this difficult time?

The answer to this, and so many questions at the moment, comes from the World Health Organisation (WHO). In a recent statement about sending parcels and other items through the post, it said: “ . . . the risk of catching the virus that causes Covid-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and been exposed to different conditions and temperature is (also) low.” Plus, its key advice is to keep on washing our hands at every available opportunity; adding that, soap is just as effective as any anti-bacterial product.

There have been articles in the press about the timescales that the virus can exist on certain surfaces – plastic being the longest at 72 hours, with stainless steel 48 hours, card 24 hours and copper just 2 hours – but the advice remains – don’t worry too much about the surfaces you’re touching, just keep washing your hands!

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