• Fran Bullen

The new Submit Cosmetic Product Notification (SCPN) service has arrived - don't get caught out!!

From today - 1st January 2021 - all cosmetic manufacturers must ensure that their products are registered on the new SCPN or Submit Cosmetic Product Notification service.

The link to this service is below:

By following the link labelled: Access the Submit cosmetic product notification service you will be taken to a new page, where you will find a stark warning from the Government:

! you may face a fine of up to £5,000, or a prison term of up to 3 months, if you do not notify OPSS* about a cosmetic product

*Office for Product Safety and Standards

Although we had been given some details of the new service before today, this warning is a big departure from the text in the previous EU CPNP, that UK cosmetic manufacturers were using. We've also seen other statements on the service that give clear guidance on the perils of not adhering to the new UK regulations:

You need to notify OPSS about every cosmetic product available to consumers in GB

All cosmetic products sold or given away in the UK must be notified in the UK

To continue to sell or give away cosmetic products that were notified to the European Union (EU) before 1 January 2021, you must submit your product notifications in the UK within 90 days of the UK leaving the EU

It's clear that the new system will be much more rigorous in its governance of how cosmetic manufacturers market their products. We are learning about the changes at the same time as you, but if you want to ask us questions, we'll be happy to find the answers for you.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year

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