• Fran Bullen


Updated: Jun 1, 2020

What is a Product Information File (PIF)? It is a legal document containing: a clear description of your cosmetic product a CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) for your cosmetic proof of any claim of effect (it is not possible to make claims without quantified proof) the cosmetic’s ingredients (using INCI names and assembled in the right order) information on the manufacturing process (including compliance and packaging details) statements about : Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) Animal Testing, and Product Longevity Do I need a PIF? Any cosmetic product that is being brought to market in the EU (this currently includes the United Kingdom) must have a registered PIF by law. This is the current instruction under Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009. N.B Great Britain will remain trading under EU legislation until 31st December 2020, when all CPSRs will need to migrate to the UK Cosmetic Notification Portal. How much does a PIF cost? Our PIFs vary in price from £330 for an individual one, down to £130 each if you are ordering 5 or more at one time. Remember each PIF contains the CPSR for the product and this can include one base and three variants. Additional variants can be added at a cost of £20 each. Look at our Services and Costs for more information. How long do I need to keep a PIF? The designated Responsible Person for a PIF needs to keep it on file for a minimum of ten years. The Responsible Person doesn’t need to be the creator of the product; but they must fully understand they are legally bound to carry all the responsibilities for it, including if there is a safety issue. PIFs should be kept readily available, in either a digital or hard copy format, so that they can be shown to the authorities if needed. Can I do a PIF myself? Yes, as long as the product has a CPSR signed off by a qualified Safety Assessor.

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