• Fran Bullen

WORK LIKE THE PROFESSIONALS - A Guide To Presenting Your Cosmetic Product Formula For Assessment

You're probably a bit confused. You've logged into this Blog to read a piece on how to present a cosmetic product formula to a safety assessor and instead all you can see is a large picture of a table.

However, this picture sums up very well the point I want to make.

This table isn't the kind of table I wanted to talk about. The table I want to talk about is a document, neatly and accurately laid out, and properly filled in. In this imaginary, but perfectly completed table, you will have listed ALL the information we need in order to complete your CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report). Your Report would be back with you within a matter of days.

If we receive confusing information though - such as a picture of a wooden table rather than an electronic document displaying a table, then a lot of time will be spent sorting out the confusion, rather than on compiling the Report.

If you want a copy of a table that can help you compile your table then get in touch - we'll be happy to share our table with you and get you preparing your information for your assessor like a pro!

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