Due to current demand we are only carrying out CPSRs (Cosmetic
Product Safety Reports).  We have created a sliding scale of prices
to reflect the varying characters of different CPSRs and to offer you the best value we can:
A single CPSR with either one base and three variants, or four variants is £150.00
EXTRA VARIANTS to a simple CPSR are added at a cost of £15 each (provided they are added at the time of compiling the original CPSR).
A CPSR containing more than 10 ingredients in the base will be charged at £5 extra per ingredient (please note that a Raw Material is not simply an ingredient).  Please ask for more information on this if you are unsure.

Extra Variants added after a CPSR has been completed and changes made to a CPSR while it is being prepared by us will incur extra costs.


In order to begin preparing your CPSR we require copies of all the relevant Supplier's Documentation on ingredients (see Terms and Conditions) as well as a clearly defined formula of the product.

We do not add VAT to our prices